Welcome to Clayton Nash Real Estate!  We are a full service boutique real estate brokerage with a big track record of success.  Focusing on providing our client’s pinnacle service at any price range. We pride ourselves on being client focused and technology driven. We cultivate strong, long-term, relationships with the clients we serve and believe strongly in communication with our clients.  Providing suggestions, intuitive alternatives and sound advice allows the clients we serve to make the best decisions for themselves. Our many years of experience, and multi-faceted agents have a vast knowledge of luxury residences, income properties, buying property, selling residential listings, and the ever shifting local housing market we live in.


Our code is simple:

We make the process of buying a house feel like home.

We chase our dreams, even when it’s hard.

We sometimes fall but we get right back up.

We follow our hearts but remember our heads.

We are always open to the possibility and not the problem.

We focus on the solution and not the challenge.

We are curious innovators and motivated entrepreneurs.

We believe it doesn’t have to be how it’s always been.

We have the outrageous audacity to believe that anything is possible if we are willing to work for it and never give up.

We Know Who We Are.

We Love What We Do.

We Are Clayton Nash.