We Are Clayton Nash

Who We Are:

We are a full-service real estate brokerage. That means we do everything possible to make our clients goals become a reality! We house a full-time staff that includes technology experts, copywriters and an in-house design and marketing team—we've got you covered. Clayton Nash is rooted in the tradition of a personal touch business, but we ‘re truly modernist at heart. With a commitment to everything forward thinking, fast moving and results-oriented, we treat every client, with enthusiasm and care. We steadily hold ourselves to the highest of standards – you can too.

About Our Founder

Peter-Lupus-Clayton-nash-real-estatePeter Lupus is the visionary founder and CEO of Clayton Nash Real Estate. Lupus brings more than 20 years of business experience to Clayton Nash Real Estate. Working with companies such as NASA, Coca-Cola, British Telecom, Infonet, British Petroleum, Yahoo and many others. Lupus also brings experience establishing companies in foreign markets such as Monavie, VitaMist, KareMore International and Pinnacle International. Peter has extensive experience in Real Estate marketing and has held an associate brokers license for close to a decade.

Our code is simple

We make the process of buying a house feel like home.

We chase our dreams, even when it’s hard.

Sometimes we fall but we get right back up.

We follow our hearts but remember our heads.

We are always open to the possibility and not the problem.

We focus on the solution and not the challenge.

We are curious innovators and motivated entrepreneurs.

We believe it doesn’t have to be how it’s always been.

And we have the outrageous audacity to believe that anything is possible if we are willing to work for it and never give up.

We know who we are.

We love what we do.

We are Clayton Nash.

And we invite you to join our Clayton Nash family of agents.

Welcome Home.